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Purnojit Haldar © 2013

It is afternoon. The sun has almost drooped in the farthest corner of the west. Minakshi is returning from her job. But today she shows no sign of rushing home as a rule. A glimpse of the beautiful twilight catches her sight. With her long unknotted tresses over her shoulder, she is lost in introspection- How her married life turned into a hellish dream, and how the worst things settled in her life as perfectly normal. Sweepers are sprinkling water on the dusty road. The edge of her saari gets muddy. A bike must have dashed her if not a pedestrian woman raised hue and cry.

“ what were you doing? You were going to die!!” the woman screeches and tugs Minakshi at once.
For a moment Minakshi feels unconscious of the going on around her. She looks at her saviour and smiles,” Trisha you?”
Trisha feels astonished” who are you and how do you know my name?”
“I’m Minakshi. Don’t you recognize me?” Minakshi  replies.
Trisha is taken aback,” Oh my God, Mini, what have you done to yourself??”

Trisha and Minakshi sit in a coffee shop.  Minakshi is getting late. Her son is waiting at the school. She has to pick him up. But Trisha is a very old friend of hers. She mustn’t see her off without a talk.
“ Are you in a hurry?” Trisha asks.
“No,no” Minakshi feels awkward. She looks askance at her wrist watch: 5.31 pm. Raju should not be kept waiting for long. “As for Aniruddha”, Thinks Minakshi, “let him go to hell”.

“ I haven’t seen you for five years” Minakshi says , “Where have you been ?”
“ Actually I was away on a training in Delhi. Thank God I found you. But what has made you so bony?”
“You’re crazy! “ Minakshi laughs wrily,” I am perfectly fit.”
“No, you aren’t. And what are those on your cheeks?” she touches her face worriedly’ “ Do they sore?”
No, maybe pimples. I don’t use Fair and Lovely cream now.  But what is the raaz (mystery) behind your glow, sweetheart? Huh?” Minakshi tickles her with a mischievous look.
“ That depends on the life you live. You’re fairer than many when you are happy. Now I teach in a multipurpose girls’ school. My husband Shishir is an office employee. He is a very supportive and resource person. My son Reek is three year old. He is our only issue.”
So you are a happy family, I see.” Minakshi says.
Yes. Shishir always helps me. Besides, I have some personal missions to accomplish”
“ Like??”
“ To be a writer!”

Hey, are you still writing funny poems? The sort of what you used to write in college days?” Minakshi’s query makes her laugh.
“Yes, sometimes. I enjoy writing them. Shishir reads them without getting any meaning and even he laughs. I’ll continue writing for his fun. Now don’t try to wink at my question. You were fairer than I was. But now You’re looking very pale. What are these scars actually? Something burning seems to have told upon your skin.”
“It’s cigarette. These are from my husband.”

There was an uneasy pause.
“ So when did you marry?” Trisha asks.

“… I was yet to complete post graduation when my parents suddenly decided to marry me to Aniruddha, a bus conductor. They were afraid of paying high dowry. They even argued that my studies would bring me no job. Not a soul was on my behalf.” Minakshi recollects, “ And now things seem to be getting worse day by day. Since he has lost his job, he has been behaving  fretfully. He lounges, watches  T.V. , plays cards with his uncouth friends. But  he himself doesn’t like me to sit all day at home. So I have to work in a private company for Rs. 6500 / month to run my household.”
“ Why does he torment you?”
“ Not just me.” Minakshi repudiates, “ Yesterday he thrashed my kid in such a way that he has peed…”
“ how devil !!”

“ Raju must be waiting for me outside the school. I have to hurry.”
“Oh, wait. I’ll go with you. But your husband is an opportunist. You must take a decision to get rid of this situation, I tell you.”
“I do think so. Aniruddha is unbearable sometimes . I feel insecure to leave my child alone and go to work. I return home and find my son often writhing in pain. Aniruddha beats him ruthlessly.”
“ Dirty dog!” Trisha cries, “  Why do you let him continue this? I want to know why he is so ungentlemanlike. I want to see that man.”
“ Aniruddha will treat you like a trespasser. 
“Let him. Take me there.”

Minakshi stops outside a small, narrow house near the R.V lane.
He may be gambling. You wait here. I’ll go with Raju and see how many people are there.”
So Trisha waits until she hears a loud bang.
Trisha runs into the house. She finds that Raju is lying flat on the floor and weeping faintly. At a corner, a Television lies smashed altogether.
Trisha is crying helplessly,” why do you beat my child so brutally? Will you kill him?”
The man ( later known as Aniruddha) yells,” Foul mouthed girl ! Am I your servant to guard this house like a vigilant watch dog? Who will cook the rice?”
“Do it yourself if you have the least shame or get out of my house…”

Trisha’s heart melts to see her best friend’s wretchedness. Days after days Minaskshi and her young are suffering the same evil! But now it’s time to retaliate, she thinks.

There is a piercing cry. Trisha is devastated to see Minakshi wince and strangulate under his strong arms.
Aniruddha roars, “ who will save you, ha, if I kill you and bury you? Nobody will know.”
Trisha runs inside impatiently and gives him a forcible slap, “ Mean, blackguard! Get out!”
“ who is this outsider commanding me to get out?”Aniruddha flares, “ You will defend her? I’ll see you, hussy girls!”
“Get ouuut”

Aniruddha leaves. Trisha takes Minakshi and Raju and leaves the house that night.
Trisha looks at Minakshi. Her face has turned as white as death. Raju is trembling panickily.
Oh, don’t trouble yourself thinking!”, Trisha soothes Minakshi and draws Raju closer. She fondles him, “ Come child, come to your auntie. No fear!”

“ What does the man think of himself?” Trisha shivers excitedly, “ what does he want?? To sit idly, eat and gamble?”
Shishir ( Trisha’s husband ) has come meanwhile. He shakes his head sadly. “ My friend Poresh is a very good lawyer, practicing in the district court. I shall seek his help.” he divulges,” Perhaps divorce is most beneficial in this regard. I hate to see breaking marital bonds. But I don’t see another way now. The final decision is up to you.”

“ The man is made of such mean stuff!” , Trisha barks, “ He thinks that Mini cannot do without him. He feeds on her and yet tortures her!”
Your income is enough for you and Raju.,” says Shishir ,” Your labour will bear fruit when Raju becomes an adult. Why don’t you come to live in our neighbourhood? I’ll find you a good house in an affordable rent there. Raju will also feel at home in my house and play with my son.”
Minakshi feels astound to see the happy couple. Her dream of such a happy family will never come true.

Trisha is walking side by side with Minakshi and thinking of her. How treacherously time has changed the pretty girl into a solitary woman!, she wonders.

I know what is in your mind now.” Trisha pats her shoulder, “ But  I want to see you happy. Are you happy, my sweetie?”
Minakshi cannot speak a single word. But she smiles her thanks and holds her hand gratefully.

Minakshi remembers those old days when they shared a cup of coffee on a bright wintry Sunday and gossiped about their future. Trisha has got a happy life and a happy career which Minakshi is excluded from.
“ Is it not better to quit the thing you cannot tolerate?” asks Trisha as they walk hand-in-hand, and for the first time Minakshi smiles from her heart, tinged with the delicacy of a twilight.

It is 10 o’ clock at night. Trisha, Minakshi, Shishir and Raju go to the farthest and the busiest corner of the R.V lane. Trisha and Minakshi eat “ Fuchka” till tears stream down on their cheeks. Raju giggles at Shishir’s jokes. Minakshi tittle-tattles, laughs at the irritation the ‘ Fuchkas’ cause to her eyes. The wind rustles and finally Minakshi knows that life means both good and bad. The world is a better place when we choose wisely and rightly!

The End

Monday, November 11, 2013

Helllo world,

This is after a long gap of silence that I logged in to my blog. Although I am not sure whether my posts are viewed by anybody or not, since I didn't receive any single comment. :D Anyways, I hope, you all are well. I'll be back soon.
Take Care :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poetry Unnamed.14

A lone bird
who neither cares
for the world's possession
nor demands its quota
for a cosy bed or books of glorious knowledge
and woeful truths,
is dragged down on ground
by human arrows
and brought on table
with luscious spices
You care or not,
really never lets you go
unavoided from being torn apart

(c) 2013

Poetry Unnamed.13

The way of life
is simple
joy abounds in a song
when the boyhood song falls with
last night's dewdrops
children wade through memorial water,
We once were entrant of this,
and now smile at the pretty faces
remembering our mischiefs
on sandbanks,
in horrendous shadows of bamboo clusters
or in the mango groves

Oh, how the branches swung
with each clamorous
I guess it now,
the trees too tickle overjoyed,

Our fret and our smile
now vies with each other,
the pretty faces are slapped hard
their mischiefs annoy us,
leading to the torment of soul,
why this abhorrence, who knows!

Purnojit (c) 2013

Poetry Unnamed .12

She has
umpteen curls in her hair
and wide eyes
Must have innocence delved into there,
Eyes that never saw the world
have generosity to love all,
She cannot see
who is beautiful by face
and who is not
but she is not blind at all,
She loves the one
who loves her heart
more than her grace:)
She is beautiful in every way
God should have been gracious,
Or did he wish
that the girl couldn't see the pained world?

(c) 2013

Hail thee,
my friend!
You never break down
when the neighbours hit your nose with axe,
and tear your shirt
to keep themselves warm...
You never cry,
why then does blood ooze out of your body
while eyes still are hidden?
Hail thee,
here I take your fruit
to make amends
to your sacrifice
A plant will bear your deathless story...

(c) 2013

One of my darling sisters from my village. I MISS YOU A LOT, dearie!

The horrendous days and nights
of city
blanked out my vision,
In oblivion or faint imagination
I could see some snippets
that scuffled for survival,
The city threatened me
as vicious eyes of cars
'Ignore me and you are dead' they warned

Where was I?
My dear village, my friends
were nowhere here,
I vacillated
and the city grimaced,
I fell asleep
to seek refuge,

"Don't get lost, my son"
I saw my village smiling at me, undaunted
I saw your face, my sis,
The lustrous Kajal and the Small patch
on your forehead
were my rejoice
at the hours of distress,

One by one,
as the horrors walk far
Our memories
strech an unending strand
between us,
Our little bycycle rides,
and your incoherent mumblings
sent me joys never to be diminished from life,

I am away,
far from the innocent place
where you are safe in nature's lap,
reviving me in my fragile hope.
May this city never touch your skin,
May your smile
bring me smile
and draw me again
to my world of green :)

♥ ♥

Purnojit Haldar (c) 2013